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    Important Information
    No Metal Targets / Frames / Stands
There cannot be any metal targets/frames/stands downrange. If you need a target stand, there are some at the front gate for sale or you can download this plan and build one yourself.

    Sign in sheet

We now have a clipboard at the front gate that replaces the waiver sheets. The rules are still the same and a handout is available that has the waiver description on it.

A range officer will be present during all hours of operation and those that do not sign the waver (even season pass holders) will be told to leave. The range officer operating the long distance range area will be handling the waivers at that site.
    Phone line available

The front gate now has a phone available and the number is 541-292-0043. If you are at the range and have a problem, you can call the front gate for assistance.

The line is available during normal operating hours and this line has voicemail.

This months winners are Steve W and Jerry T. The next raffle will be held August 13th, 2019.
    Public range operating hours

Daily, from 8:00 AM until approximately 1/2 hour before sunset.

There is no annual membership fee, there is a daily gate entry fee of ($5.00) per shooter. Yearly passes are also available for the individual shooter ($25.00) or a family pass for ($40.00) that covers household family members and children under the age of 18. Passes can be purchased from Range Officers on the range. All monies from the gate and pass fees are reinvested back into the complex for improvements.