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    Pubic Range Safety Rules

1. Each shooter must possess a season pass, access permitted identification card, or pay a Day Use Fee before shooting and must display the validated Day Use Fee receipt or season pass on dashboard.


2. Unless reserved for training or otherwise stated all general shooting on Public Ranges will practiced from sitting or standing positions – NO prone, squatting, or kneeling shooting.


3. Follow cease-fire procedures. No handling of firearms when anyone is down-range.


4. Stay behind the designated firing line when anyone is shooting.


5. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended.


6. No alcohol or illegal drugs may be used or in possession on range property.


7. Prohibited targets include metal targets, glass items, pressurized containers, explosives, fruits, vegetables, other food items and non-decomposing items.


8. All targets must be inside of the range area and off of the walk-ways.


9. All vehicles must be in the parking area only.


10. Avoid ricochets. Targets should be placed in such a manner as to reduce hazardous ricochets, such as being 36" off ground.


11. Only shooters may collect their own spent cartridges (brass, steel, nickel, etc.) Spent cartridges forward of the Firing-Line may only be collected during cease-fire (clear firing-line) events. To minimize safety liability all uncollected brass will be the property of RVSSA.


12. Put used targets and trash in garbage cans. Pick up what you shoot. To minimize safety liability all uncollected targets, contents of garbage cans and dumpsters are the property of RVSSA.


13. Report vandalism and safety violations.


14. Children must be supervised at all times.


15. Unlawful possession or use of firearms will be reported to law enforcement.


16. Violation of range rules may result in eviction and/or criminal prosecution.